Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Diamond Feat Cee-Lo - Superbad

"WAY BACK WEDNESDAY" Too Short - The Ghetto


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They say a picture say a thousand words, this is what your picture said to me. I am a beautiful blessing God has sent, love me or set me free. The world is my field of flowers, catch me if you can!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yo Gotti - Standing In the Kitchen

DJ Fletch & DJ 5150 Present: Foxx - A-Millions Trillions

01. Intro
02. Loose As A Goose (Feat. Lil’ Boosie & Mouse)
03. 5150
04. Get Money
05. Double Dutch
06. Hit Her
07. Coogie Down
08. So Outrageous
09. Leave A Message
10. Not Myself (Remix)(Feat. Young Buck)
11. Not U
12. I-20
13. Off Side
14. I Don’t
15. The Hood
16. Who Real
17. The Real Me
18. Don’t Play
19. Outro

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DJ Show-Mind On My Money

Consistantly making a name for hisself as a more than respectable artist, DJ Show is back with his fist single off the upcoming SONOFAGUN LP MIND ON MY MONEY Produced by Vybe beats and featuring a Jay-Z sample.Like Show says on the track “THE SONG SAYS IT ALL
”His mind is on his money,CUT THE CHECK!

Jody Breeze - Too Much VIDEO

DJ 5150,Juvenile & B.G - Juvenile & The B.G
1. B.G. - Beat That Pussy Up
2. Juvenile - Back Back
3. B.G. & Juvenile - Feel Right
4. B.G. ft Hot Beezo, Juve - Team Head Bussas
5. Juvenile - How Much
6. Juvenile - She Bad
7. B.G. & Juvenile - 187
8. B.G.,Juvenile, Lil Wayne - Ya heard Me
9. B.G. - Ball
10. B.G. - Show dat
11. B.G. - CNN
12. B.G. - Aint Right
13. B.G. - Its Real
14. Juvenile - Gone
15. Juvenile, B.G., Wayne - What u call us
16. Juvenile - Keep it real
17. Juvenile - Like Me

Monday, April 20, 2009

OJ Da Juiceman On Being Shot Eight Times

XXL VIDEO:April’s Eye Candy Dollicia

Boo Rossini - Ultimate High

MIXTAPE MONDAY:Young Jeezy Flips 'Turn My Scale On'

Sunday, April 19, 2009

DJ Rell & Gucci Mane - Ice & Money
01. Wilt Chamberlin (Feat. DJ Rell)
02. First Day Out
03. Do The Math
04. Another Time
05. Im A Dog
06. Dont Give A Fuck (Feat. Shawty Lo)
07. Ride Me
08. 30 Inches (Remix)(Feat. Juicy J & Project Pat)
09. Not A Stain On Me (Feat. Big Tuck)
10. Kill Da Parking Lot
11. Cocaine Money (Feat. Papaduck)
12. Count Da Money (Feat. Project Pat & Money Karlo)
13. Helluvalife (Feat. Gorilla Zoe & OJ Da Juicema)
14. Dope Game (Feat. Project Pat & OJ Da Juiceman)
15. Money Bags Shawty
16. Still In The Kitchen (Feat. Shawty Lo)
17. The General
18. Papered Up (Remix)(Feat. Notorious B.I.G. & DJ Speedy)
19. Drinks Up (Feat. Nitti, Bobby Valentino, & Yung Joc)
20. Breakin Up (Feat. Mario & Sean Garrett)
21. Bust It Out (Feat. Wingo Of Jagged Edge)
22. I Hear My Momma Talkin
23. Like A Lambo
24. Your Girl

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Hot Boys Reunion"

The Hot Boys are back? In a series of exclusive interviews granted to VIBE over the past month, several key players in the long-rumored Hot Boys reunion gave the strongest signs yet that Cash Money’s former super group, collectively Lil Wayne, Juvenile, B.G., and Turk, could officially reconnect this year. “I already signed the deal,” Terius “Juvenile” Grey, told Alison Fensterstock, in March, “so for me I’m gonna definitely say it’s a go. I already received the check.” Juve, who’s preparing his ninth solo album, Cocky and Confident (Atlantic), later this year, went on to add, “Wayne is going to put that out, so for me and Wayne, it’s a go. I don’t know if the business been straightened out, but I know B.G.’s on board and he’s willing to do it. I don’t know where Turk stand on the business side.”
Christopher “B.G.” Dorsey confirmed as much when he also spoke to VIBE. “Yeah, yeah, you can look forward to that coming real soon,” he said. “We finishing all the paper work now, and hopefully we will have that out this year. It’s going to be bigger than the Beatles!”
Mannie Fresh also sounded optimistic when he spoke to VIBE in late March. “I think we close to finishing [the deal],” said the legendary boardsman who as Cash Money’s former in-house producer virtually single-handedly shaped and defined the distinctive sound of vintage Cash Money releases like Juvenile’s 400 Degreez (Cash Money/Universal, 1998) and the Hot Boys Guerrilla Warfare (Cash Money/Universal, 1999). “My thing is: I’m bent on it being a classic. Like, what can I do to make this great? The Hot Boys got a sound [and] without that sound, what is it worth? I still think these dudes are great rappers and I still think they on their game, but it gotta be something like… I ain’t saying that we gotta take our time because that ain’t never been us, but it’s gotta be right.”
With Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile and Mannie Fresh all operating under separate management and on different record labels (Wayne remains on Cash Money/Universal, Juvenile and B.G. are on Atlantic, and Mannie Fresh is currently independent), not to mention Turk’s continued incarceration in Tennessee after pleading guilty to the 2004 shooting of a Memphis SWAT team deputy, obstacles remain. But Turk is up for parole this year, and with Wayne at the height of his career, B.G. suggested that maybe now is the time for the crew to finally reform like Voltron.

MAINO AND TOTAL KAOS On Ricky Smiley Radio Show About Stolen Song

Lil’ Boosie - Thug Passion
01. Check Me Out
02. Hospital
03. Knocking Pictures Off The Wall
04. Tell Me What It is
05. Now I Shine
06. Thug Passion
07. Who Do You Love
08. Loaded
09. That River
10. Gorilla bread
11. Mama Know Love (Prod. By Mike Will)
12. What Goes Up…
13. Deep Off In The Club
14. Fresh Out The Shower
15. Im So Tired
16. Never Give Up
17. Shit Yea

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lil Boosie Gives Back - Balls Outta Control At Walmart

MVD Visual and Focus Media entertainment recently revealed plans for the worldwide distribution of Kill The Record Labels.
The DVD film serves as in-depth documentary exposing the vicious side of the music business. The film expresses the views of some of hip-hop’s biggest artists, regarding the state of the music industry.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pastor Troy - Feel Me Or Kill Me
1. Feel Me Or Kill Me Intro 1:15
2. I Want War 3:10
3. Fuckin' Wit' Pastor 2:48
4. Ridin' Big III 2:52
5. Is That You Girl? 3:44
6. See The Swag On That Boy (Feat. Mr. Mudd) 3:31
7. Facin' Fifteen 2:52
8. Talkin' Shit 2:53
9. Here We Go 3:35
10. Who U Gonna Call 3:33
11. All I Know 4:48
12. Heaven Is Below 4:25
13. Real Niggaz 3:48

Webbie- Click House

Saturday, April 11, 2009

DJ Teknikz & Playaz Circle - Ballin In A Drought
01. Playaz Circle - Intoduce The Duffle Bag Boys (0:53)
02. Playaz Circle Feat. J.Hard - Ballin In A Drought (4:09)
03. Playaz Circle - Get Money (2:58)
04. Tity Boy - This Is What You Listen To (2:59)
05. Playaz Circle Feat. D Hustle & J.Hard - Crime Pays (4:11)
06. Dolla Boy - Intro’s Duffle Bag Boys (0:25)
07. Tity Boy, M Beezy, J.Hard & D Hustle - How I Do It (5:01)
08. Tity Boy Feat. J-Money - Dope Boys (3:35)
09. Playaz Circle Feat. M Beezy - The Come Up (3:43)
10. Dolla Boy - Back To The Trap (2:15)
11. Dolla Boy Feat. D Hustle & Lil Will - Feel It (4:24)
12. D Hustle - Victory (2:34)
13. Playaz Circle, D Hustle & Lil Will - Mind Made Up (3:20)
14. Tity Boy - Speaks (0:44)
15. Playaz Circle - I’m So Hot (3:06)
16. J.Hard & Lil Fate - D-Boy Fresh (2:48)
17. Playaz Circle - Outro (0:48)
18. D Hustle - Pinky Ring (3:38)
19. J.Hard - Dope (3:38)

Hussin Fatal-Letter to Pac

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Friday Hip Hop Report (April 10)

Yo Gotti - Off The Top Of The Head [In-Studio Performance]

XXL VIDEO: OJ Da Juiceman, The Transporter

"TUPAC FRIDAY" Tupac Hail Mary Video

2Pac - Hail Mary

Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rocko - Finesse

Dirty-Married To The Game
1. Real Street Niggaz 3:22
2. She In Da Club 3:39
3. He Want Da Money (Feat. Rich Boy) 4:44
4. Alien (Feat. Mr. Blue) 4:04
5. Gave My Life 3:25
6. SHe Getting Money (Feat. Da Black Paris Hilton And
Hop) 4:15
7. Stick 'Em (Feat. Lil Burn One) 4:34
8. Suicide 3:56
9. Put It On Paper 4:37
10. Stay On Da Grind (Feat. Lil Burn One) 4:39
11. Drug Money 5:18
12. Da World 4:37
13. Born In The Ghetto (Feat. Khujo Goodie) 3:59
14. Shit Changed 2:27


Michael Jordan 2009 Hall of Fame Announcement (video)

Monday, April 6, 2009

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“No1 in the South Has Swagga Like Us” Concert ATL

The No 1 in the South got Swagga like US! Concert went down at Phillips Arena last night and when I tell you everybody that was anybody was in the building! Well except for Plies who “was” scheduled to perform but didnt…Monica came out to show all her good friends love, Shawty Lo, who brought out Fonsworth Bentley and Slim of 112 ,Ludacris who brought out his whole DTP family including Shawnna and the newest Dtp recruit Lil Scrappy!
Rick Ross performed and Jeezy who’s surprise guest was none other then the KING himself T.I.
Jeezy also brought out Luda and scrappy and shut it down Trapstar style.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chopper Young City Feat Gucci Mane - Its All Good

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yo Gotti - Cocaine Muzik 2 (Hosted by DJ Drama)
01. Intro (CM2)
02. Shoot Off
03. Meeting Da Plug
04. Sold Out
05. Off Da Top Of Da Head
06. Cocaine Crazy (Skit)
07. Drum Play Ft. All-Star
08. That's How I Be Ft. Zed Zilla
09. We From North Memphis
10. Phone Ringing Ft. Zed Zilla
11. Dope Boy Life
12. Definition Of A G
13. Outro

BREAKING NEWS: Comedian Donnell Rawlings aka "Ashy Larry" Suffers Nervous Breakdown!